PianoForAll Review - Is It Worth it? [2021]

Learning piano with PianoForAll.

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Piano 4 All is a collection of piano lessons put together by music master Robin Hall. Piano 4 All consists of a full e-course program that comprises ten piano books for beginners and advanced students.

There are also 200 video lessons and 500 audio lessons included with the course. The entire course is downloadable in PDF format within just minutes, so there is no delivery waiting period and shipping fees.

There are simply more than enough lessons in this e-course to ensure that you quickly grasp the advanced techniques of playing the piano. In this e-course, Robin Hall reveals the ultimate secret to learning how to play the piano.

He carefully outlined the instructions and arranged them according to the different abilities of students. There’s the author’s own audio and video demonstration included in each of the lessons that is easily accessed with a mouse click.

Many music experts have found Robin Hall’s course astounding due to its progressive approach to learning music and the piano. Robin Hall ensured that novice learners do not get lost and discouraged by starting them out with simple basics, while at the same time he made sure that the material is the right mix for advanced piano students too, thereby including more complex lessons that are pretty challenging for advanced users not to get bored.

Besides the main ten topics in the course, you can also expect to learn how to change chords, using the knowledge acquired to create ballad style and apply to melody, and other techniques.

What makes Piano For All different and easy?

Firstly, the way Piano 4 All works is very different from the way traditional piano lessons are conducted. Here, you’ll start off by learning rhythm. Forget about the old-fashioned songs or scales, this course goes beyond that boring and outdated style of teaching piano. The music that is included is modern and fun to play.

You will quickly pick up the skills that will enable you play any musical genre of your liking. The very first set of lessons you will learn are the ‘Rhythm Style’ piano akin to that of the Beatles, Cold Play, Elton John and Billy Joel, among others. these classics are definitely fun and will take you step-by-step through each and every rhythm and chord you’ll ever need.

Once the basics have been mastered, the subsequent lessons keep adding new riffs, patterns, inversions, extended chords, and harmony. A lot of other piano lessons out there do not introduce chords until later in the series but with this course, chords are part of the basics and are an essential part of learning how to play piano.

All this includes Robin’s tricks of easy piano, which include formulas, memorization techniques, as well as his signature ‘bluffs’, which all aid to speed up the learning process. There are specific lessons dedicated to teaching you ‘speed’ (how to play piano faster).


With this e-course, you basically get the skills to begin learning how to play piano and then continue learning on your own. And best of all, you’ll acquire the skills as you have fun.